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A surprising year

A Surprising Year

This year has been a hard one.  Our founder was poorly at the beginning of the year.  On the 7th May we recommenced the Swimming After Surgery (SAS) sessions at Short Wood Primary School Pool in Wellington.  Within a few weeks we found out our founder had had a minor stroke.

Despite everything we only cancelled one swimming session while we regrouped and decided how to keep Swimming After Surgery (SAS) running.  Within seven weeks of having her first minor stroke she was out networking and fundraising at the Telford Lions Day on Wheels in Wellington.

There was no stopping her now.  All the items for sale including the scarves had been hand knitted by our founder.  She had come up with the idea of the vibrant pink poppies in June and had kept herself occupied while recovering by knitting them.

Next  stop a Rotary event at Grove Farm in Shawbury.

So what happened next?  Our founder was successfully nominated and received an Aquaforce 2014 Award for “Outstanding Voluntary Contribution to Swimming in the Community”.

So we are now looking forward to next year and hope that with the efforts our founder has made and the innovative ideas she has come up with that Swimming After Surgery (SAS) will continue in Telford next year and for many more years to come.

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